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Watermelon Tourmaline Charms Necklace Quick View

Watermelon Tourmaline Charms Necklace

$ 1,760.00

Make a statement with this unique Meira T necklace featuring a Watermelon tourmaline over 14k yellow gold and adorned with pave diamonds. The 14k w...
Meira T White Gold and Ruby Necklace Meira T White Gold and Ruby Necklace Quick View

Meira T White Gold and Ruby Necklace

$ 1,150.00

This ones for the everyday girl! A beautiful and bright ruby and white diamond necklace accented by Meira T's off-centered diamond pearls! This pie...
Evil Eye Charm Necklace Evil Eye Charm Necklace Quick View

Evil Eye Charm Necklace

$ 805.00

This delicate necklace is a new Meira T favorite! Mixing mini ruby evil eye charms and bezel diamonds this piece is great for layering and wearing ...
Ruby Charms Necklace Quick View

Ruby Charms Necklace

$ 2,065.00

This show stopper necklace features eight Ruby stones surrounded by pave diamonds over 14k white gold. A great piece for any occasion this necklace...
Ruby Dagger Necklace Ruby Dagger Necklace Quick View

Ruby Dagger Necklace

$ 1,375.00

This iconic Meira T design features off-centered diamond charms over 14k white gold. The center dagger is covered by ruby creating a dramatic effec...
Ruby Bezel Earrings Ruby Bezel Earrings Quick View

Ruby Bezel Earrings

$ 1,065.00

These earrings are the perfect blend of eclectic and classic.  Featuring the classic diamond bezel hanging below the Ruby stud, these earrings have...
Tanzanite Signet Ring Tanzanite Signet Ring Quick View

Tanzanite Signet Ring

$ 1,205.00

Stunning white 14k rose gold ring featuring a Tanzanite center stone. This timeless design is a statement by itself or when paired with other rings...
Ruby Open Triplet Ring Ruby Open Triplet Ring Quick View

Ruby Open Triplet Ring

$ 2,045.00

This unique ring is a perfect to update your look this new season, featuring 6 ruby stones and an open face, it has a contemporary design that will...
Yin Yang Diamond Ring Yin Yang Diamond Ring Quick View

Yin Yang Diamond Ring

$ 1,205.00

The Chinese "Yin Yang" is a symbol of how opposite forces may actually be complementary and give power to each other as they interrelate to one ano...
Pink Sapphire and Tanzanite Open Ring Pink Sapphire and Tanzanite Open Ring Quick View

Pink Sapphire and Tanzanite Open Ring

$ 1,375.00

This gorgeous ring is the pop of color your look needed! The Pink Sapphire and the light shade Tanzanite look perfect pared with the 14k yellow gol...
Oval Pave Stack Ring Oval Pave Stack Ring Quick View

Oval Pave Stack Ring

$ 899.00

Give your daily wear an extra dose of sparkle with this timeless oval pave diamond ring set in 14k White Gold. Diamond Weight: .21  
Ruby Marquise-Cut Ring Ruby Marquise-Cut Ring Quick View

Ruby Marquise-Cut Ring

$ 750.00

The thin, elegant 14K yellow gold band encrusted with petite round topaz gemstones showcases the brilliance of your larger marquise-cut ruby. Encir...
Pink Sapphire Bezel Bracelet Pink Sapphire Bezel Bracelet Quick View

Pink Sapphire Bezel Bracelet

$ 575.00

Add some movement to your wrists with this delicate Pink Sapphire bezel bracelet. An unique design that is set over 14k yellow gold.  
Ruby Beads and Charms Bracelet Ruby Beads and Charms Bracelet Quick View

Ruby Beads and Charms Bracelet

$ 1,035.00

Add color to your daily mix with this signature Meira T Ruby bead bracelet accented with three ruby and diamonds charms. Complement your look with ...
Two Tone Diamond Bar Bracelet Two Tone Diamond Bar Bracelet Quick View

Two Tone Diamond Bar Bracelet

$ 1,495.00

This unique take on the timeless diamond bar bracelet features two tone diamonds that create a beautiful effect! A great piece to pair with your wa...
Blue Sapphire and Diamond Squares Bracelet Quick View

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Squares Bracelet

$ 667.00

This beautiful and delicate bracelet made with blue sapphires and diamonds over 14k yellow gold  is a great everyday piece to complement your colle...
Open Ruby Ring Quick View

Open Ruby Ring

$ 680.00

This contemporary design featuring two Ruby stones is a must have piece to every fashionable girl. Diamond Weight: .13

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