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Opal Oval Necklace Opal Oval Necklace Quick View

Opal Oval Necklace

$ 2,525.00

Make a statement with this magnificent Opal necklace complemented by sparkling diamonds. Diamond Weight: .38
Opal Evil Eye Bezel Necklace Opal Evil Eye Bezel Necklace Quick View

Opal Evil Eye Bezel Necklace

$ 1,095.00

This gorgeous necklace is a Meira T favorite! With it's unique mix of yellow and rose gold the evil eye features a gorgeous blue Opal surrounded by...
White Topaz Off-Centered Necklace White Topaz Off-Centered Necklace Quick View

White Topaz Off-Centered Necklace

$ 975.00

Shine in this Meira T classic design in 14k rose gold! The center White Topaz looks flawless against the skin complemented by sparkling diamonds. T...
Tanzanite Rose Gold Necklace Quick View

Tanzanite Rose Gold Necklace

$ 1,125.00

This delicate rose and white gold Tanzanite necklace is a Meira T classic! The center stone is complemented by diamond bezels and a round diamond c...
Blue Sapphire Bar Necklace Blue Sapphire Bar Necklace Quick View

Blue Sapphire Bar Necklace

$ 515.00

This timeless and stylish blue sapphire bar necklace is the perfect layering piece! Mix and match colors for a up to date look.
Watermelon Tourmaline Charms Necklace Quick View

Watermelon Tourmaline Charms Necklace

$ 1,760.00

Make a statement with this unique Meira T necklace featuring a Watermelon tourmaline over 14k yellow gold and adorned with pave diamonds. The 14k w...
Textured Gold and Diamonds Ring Quick View

Textured Gold and Diamonds Ring

$ 1,265.00

This timeless yet contemporary piece is a great everyday ring that can be worn as a wedding band! Made with 14k white gold and diamonds. Diamond We...
Opal Signet Ring Quick View

Opal Signet Ring

$ 1,205.00

Stunning white 14k rose gold ring featuring an Australian Opal center stone. This timeless design is a statement by itself or when paired with othe...
Tanzanite Beads Dagger Necklace Tanzanite Beads Dagger Necklace Quick View

Tanzanite Beads Dagger Necklace

$ 1,495.00

This exquisite necklace can be worn also as a trendy chocker! Featuring Tanzanite beads and five diamond daggers over 14k yellow gold. Diamond Weig...
Rose Gold Diamond Pave Stack Ring Rose Gold Diamond Pave Stack Ring Quick View

Rose Gold Diamond Pave Stack Ring

$ 899.00

Trendy 14k Rose Gold and pave diamond stack ring. Great for mix and match available in other color combinations. Diamond Weight: .27 ct  
Pear Diamond Ring Quick View

Pear Diamond Ring

$ 1,145.00

This delicate design features a rose gold band with pave diamond and a beautiful center pear shape diamond. A stunning piece to be worn alone or pa...
Ruby Bezel Earrings Ruby Bezel Earrings Quick View

Ruby Bezel Earrings

$ 1,065.00

These earrings are the perfect blend of eclectic and classic.  Featuring the classic diamond bezel hanging below the Ruby stud, these earrings have...

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