A Day at Harrods with Liza Urla of Gem-A-Porter

A Day at Harrods with Liza Urla of Gem-A-Porter

We have to say that Harrods is one of our favorite department stores and we were so beyond ecstatic when when Harrods began selling MeiraT a few years back.There is nothing like a MeiraT piece in a Harrods box to quicken your pulse!

Within our first year selling at Harrods we were named one of the top selling brands. London, being one of the epicenters of the world, is so multicultural and the Harrods shopper is an international one. She is worldy, well traveled, cultured and stylish. Its no surprise that the MeiraT customer is the jetsetting type. Meira herself is a citizen of the world, and always credits her travels and love of cities around the world as her inspiration for her designs.

Alas it is no surprise that when Liza Urla of Gem-A- porter and MeiraT have found such a synergy. Both sophisticated world traveling women have strong aesthtic and vision that impact the fine jewelry world in their own way. We are always happy to have her on our team.

Liza went behind the scenes at Harrods as they planned their MeiraT ad. We love the concept and symbolism of the of jewels as flowers and we couldn't be happier with the finished product!


 Thanks Liza for these pictures of you at Harrods. You are beautiful and elegant as always!




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