Meira T's New Look-Book

Meira T's New Look-Book

Meira T is proud to present the newest look-book featuring the best and latest at Meira T. The inspiration behind this look-book is the city of Manhattan, where Meira lives and breathes fashion. New York can be defined by the many people that bring their individual style to the dozens upon dozens of New York City neighborhoods. Meira T wanted to bring you a look-book that could showcase some of the spirit behind her creations in a locale that inspires her. The look-book is meant to chronicle a day in New York City and the various elements that inspire Meira T.  

Our first location was Central Park, where New Yorker's go to feel one with nature. One of the features of Meira T jewelry is that is very organic and earthy. Meira is inspired by the natural world and is inspired by these elements. We chose Central Park to showcase our earthy colors and designs. Here are some behind the scenes for you to enjoy!!! 



Setting up at Central Park!! 






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